Charlz Dogo death cause sickle cell complications: Family & friends tributes

Charlz Dogo death cause sickle cell complications: His family and friends have taken to social media to pay tribute to the late rapper.

Nigerian rapper named, Charles Danlami Dogo, has died from sickle cell, multiple sources confirm.

The late singer was taking to his Twitter platform regularly to keep fans updated with his health status. On the 19th of May, he revealed to his fans that he was back in the ICU, as he urged them to pray for him.

His last tweet on the microblogging platform though was one in which he stated that he needs ‘God now more than ever’

A memorial page has been created in remembrance of the late Charlz Dogo, and below are things people wrote on the page;

Adetutu .L. Tayo: I keep waiting for someone to tell me that it’s a prank or a dream. In the few months that we got close you were nothing but sweet.

Though we’re hurting, our consolation is that you won Charles and we will see you again.

You’re loved and will always be remembered.

Olamide Folayan: Charles, I’ve struggled to put my feelings into words. I admired you and your music. Thanks for living your life to add value and for making an impact in the short time you had with us. Good night

Mary Magdalene Ekanem: Charles is a gem. I’m not going to use words in past tense when referring to Charles as often because he’s not gone. He lives in our present through the memories we have of him and in our future because we know for sure he’s with our father, where we will all be one day♥️
Charles is a sweet person and likes gist
he’s a really sweet person and allowed me give him the tightest hugs whenever I saw him. He sent me food one day when I was really hungry and offered to buy me ice cream because I love ice cream. The life he lived on this side of eternity was so full of joy and laughter and love, so so so much love. Charles is a really sweet person, I wish we had more gist and I would have taken the ice cream he offered if I knew it was the last.
Charles is a really strong person. The life he lived on this side of eternity was full of strength and faith and hope, so so so much hope. I’m happy he showed strength even when he didn’t have to, I’m happy he had faith and I know that the hope he had can never be put to shame, it’s rock solid!
The only consolation I have is that Charles is in not in our past but in our future, that I’ll see him some day and like the last time I hugged him, I’ll hug him again, as tight as I usually do♥️
I’m so proud and happy you lived a full life and I’m really going to miss you, Charles.

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