A new state-of-the-art training school for budding and intending movie artistes is about to berth in Lagos.

– Acting
– Editing
– Cinematography
– Entertainment Law 
– Film Directing and Movie Production, and other allied courses.

*NOTE* Information on resumption of operations at the academy will be released soon; The Academy will partner with the Actors Guild Of Nigeria, Lagos State Chapter.


VISION: Turning raw talents into showbiz celebrities.

MISSION: Provide world class tutelage, guidance, mentorship, and seamless integration into the industry using cutting-edge technologies, standard operating procedures, reliable platforms, and leading practices so as to produce exceptional graduates for screen contents and other media platforms.


* Creativity

* Discipline

* Respect

* Reliability

* Inspiring

* Integrity

OUR CUTTING EDGE: We do it right.

*ABOUT US* We are an African film-making Institute situated in Lagos, the business hub of Nigeria with keen interest in turning raw talents into celebrities through the various channels solely designed for this purpose.


* Film making

* Interviews

* Reality Tv shows

* Event/Red carpet hosting

* Fashion and Style

* Entertainment shows

* News


 The duration of training is between 32-40 hours depending on the course of study. This hours will be spread across 30 days in a month.

* An average of 2 hours a day for 5 days a week.

* A day in a week will be set aside for practical.

* Trainings on each course will take place at least 2 times in a year. This means a month will be set aside for a course. Once completed another course will begin the next month and so on. There will be a one month break interval between the courses. Therefore there will be at least 2 terms treated in a calendar year.

The courses offered are:

* Acting

* Cinematography

* Editing

* Production management.

*Bonus Course

*Entertainment Law.

Get Certified in: 

* Film Making

* Media Studies

  • Cinema Production
  • Acting

Address: House 1, 52 road by 5th avenue junction, Festac, Lagos.

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